Problems and impact                    The world is changing at an extreme pace. This brings with it much

excitement, opportunity and progress. But it comes at a very high cost.


Stress is one of the biggest causes of absenteeism in the workplace and presenteeism is one of the biggest drains on the UK working economy. But the impact of stress on businesses goes further still: attacking the very heart of their culture by lowering morale, creating lack of trust, and initiating conflict and litigation.


And stress is only one macro-trend that we’re seeing in the workplace. Divisions between genders, generations and because of technology are also at play. Not forgetting Brexit, the rise of nationalism and wider political tension.


A robust corporate wellness model can help.


And, according to the CoreNet’s 2014 survey ‘Sustaining talent through wellbeing in the Workplace,’ 80% of employees agree that a company’s wellness offering will be crucial in recruiting and retaining them within the next 10 years.



ADVICE – consultation with the organisation around existing wellness challenges and successes


APPLICATION – auditing an organisation’s existing offering, recommending and, if desired, delivering a fit-for-purpose model


APPRAISAL – measuring the new model and tightening where necessary



Tall will look to deliver return on investment by creating more competitive advantage, enhanced retention, increased moral, improved productivity, lowered absenteeism and a reduction in conflict and litigation.


Louise’s story

Louise is a senior marketer with 20 years’ experience in the corporate sector. She typically operates as an interim manager, so she’s been exposed to more corporate wellness models than most.


One of Louise’s key motivations to work for herself was more time to explore her wellness passion. Which, for her, is about dancing, modelling, performing, eating well, and having fun with loved-ones.


Louise is an official Top Model 2019 winner - testament, she believes, to the wellness cause.


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